• USAID-Supported University of Pristina LL.M. Program in Contracts and Commercial Law Finishes First Semester

    Fall semester came to a successful close for the first-ever Master of Law (LL.M.) Program in Contracts and Commercial Law. With USAID support, the University of Pristina developed...read more
  • New L.L.M. Program at the University of Pristina Law Faculty Begins Fall 2011

    A new master's program in contracts and commercial law this fall will offer students the opportunity to build their legal skills and prepare to practice. The LL.M. in Contracts and...read more
  • SEAD Launches Backlog Reduction Initiative to Tackle Unenforced Judgments

    Following the Judgment Enforcement Conference held by USAID SEAD Program this summer, this October SEAD launched the Backlog Reduction Initiative to begin reducing the enormous...read more
  • The USAID Systems for Enforcing Agreements and Decisions (SEAD) PROGRAM Senior Legal Advisor Robert La Mont leads discussion in Ferizaj regional Roundtable with business community

    For the past 6 months, the USAID Systems for Enforcing Agreements and Decisions (SEAD) has been conducting the outreach campaign to the business community throughout Kosovo. On...read more
  • The USAID Kosovo Systems for Enforcing Agreements and Decisions (SEAD) Program

    In July 2010, the USAID Systems for Enforcing Agreements and Decisions (SEAD) Program entered into Memoranda of Understanding with the both the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (KCC) and...read more
  • After Conference, SEAD Program Takes on the Enforcement Backlog

    Following the publication of a comprehensive assessment, and then the successful international Civil Judgment Enforcement Conference, the USAID|Kosovo SEAD Program has begun to...read more
  • SEAD Program and KCC Sign MoU to Establish Arbitration Tribunal

    The USAID|Kosovo SEAD Program and its partner the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (KCC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 7 July to establish an Arbitration Tribunal at the KCC. ...read more
  • SEAD Signs ADR MoU with AmCham to Boost Foreign

    USAID Mission Director Patricia Rader witnessed the signing of a new agreement between the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo (AmCham) and the USAID|Kosovo SEAD Program on 14...read more
  • Outreach Team Sets Out to Raise Awareness on the Culture of Contract

    While she does not contest the modern communication adage “if it’s not on TV, it didn’t happen”, SEAD Program Outreach and Public Education Advisor Eli Gashi...read more
  • SEAD Program Launches Regional Workshop Series with KCC

    Beginning first with a trip to Mitrovica on 15 June, the USAID|Kosovo Systems for Enforcing Agreements and Decisions (SEAD) Program has launched a series of regional workshops with...read more
  • Ministry of Justice Mediation Commission Plans Legislative Framework

    The Ministry of Justice Mediation Commission, which is responsible for formulating mediation policy and adopting regulations to implement the Law on Mediation, launched a new phase...read more
  • Ambassador Dell Keynotes USAID Judgment Enforcement Conference

    The nations’s top magistrates, business leaders, and European partners assembled for the Civil Judgment Enforcement Conference led by U.S. Ambassador Christopher Dell on 26...read more
  • News Media Turn Attention to Enforcement of Agreements and Decisions

    From national television morning show hosts, to provincial newspaper correspondents, this summer the Kosovo news media have begun to focus on the enforcement of agreements and...read more
  • SEAD Publishes Assessments of Judgment Enforcement and ADR

    ...read more
  • SEAD Roundtables Provide Critical Input to Draft Law on Obligations

    Over 40 members of the business community, as well as SEAD Program experts, participated in three roundtables in May and June to provide input to the draft Law on Obligations...read more